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"Portrait of the Cheetah"


LeRoy Neiman

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Serigraph on Paper
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Additional Description
Neiman's trips to the grasslands of Kenya, which resulted in the book LeRoy Neiman On Safari, included an extended visit with cheetahs.The artist recalls: "One time when we were on safari in Africa we spent three or four hours in a Hummer following a number of cheetahs who had isolated a cape buffalo. Cheetah are friendly cats and won't bother you or run away if you get close in your vehicle. We were able to watch them stalk their prey. I've heard of wild game hunters or tourists who are anxious to witness a kill, but I was actually rather delighted when the buffalo managed to escape. I didn't feel bad for the cheetah because they all looked very healthy. They were obviously good hunters and I was sure they'd find another meal soon enough."

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