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"Family Portrait"


LeRoy Neiman

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Copyright © 2005 LeRoy Neiman, All Rights Reserved.
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Edition #: 282/575
We return to one of Neiman's most prized and beloved subjects, the great big cats. In Family Portrait, Neiman captures the expression and likeness of the three greatest felines - the lion, tiger and leopard. The serigraph depicts these animals in full command, respected and admired for their nobility in the cat family. To quote Neiman on each of these magnificent creatures:

"The lion is the undisputed king of the jungle and leads a life free of threat. The King of beasts is royalty purring or growling. The leopard, strictly upper class, is the most elegant of the larger felines - a graceful and slick nocturnal stalker with a distinctive, handsome round head. The tiger, the largest cat, is fast and agile; they are all awesome, beautiful creatures."

Family Portrait is a crowning homage to Neiman's portrayal of the vast animal kingdom, and salutes such masterpieces as Portrait of the Lion, Portrait of the Tiger, and Portrait of the Leopard. His use of color in Family Portrait captures the excitement, energy, and vastness of the African wilderness. For any Neiman collector or animal lover, Family Portrait is a must!
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Limited Edition
Serigraph on Paper
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575 Numbered
115 Artists Proofs
8 Printers Proofs
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