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"Aliyah Suite"


Salvador Dali

This Suite contains 25 titles. Click on a thumbnail image for a larger image
"A Moment in History..."

"A Voice is Heard in Ramah..."


"Angels of the Rebirth"

"Arise, Barak, and Lead..."

"The Battle of the Jerusalem Hills"

"Covenant: Eternal Circumcision"

"For That is Thy Life..."
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"Hatikvah (Hope)..."

"I Have Set Before Thee Life and Death..."

"The Land Come to Life..."

"The Land at the Start of Jewish Settlement..."

"The Land of Milk and Honey"

"Let Them Have Dominion..."

"On the Shores of Freedom..."

"Orah, Horah..."

"Out of the Depths"

"The Pioneers of Israel..."

"The Price - Bereave"

"Return, O Virgin of Israel..."

"Thou Hast Laid Me..."

"Victory: a Song of Thanksgiving"

"The Wailing Wall"

"We Shall Go Up at Once..."

"Yea Though I Walk..."

Limited Edition
Lithograph on Paper
Year Produced
Edition Size
250 Numbered on Arches (1 - 250)
25 Lettered on Japon (A/J - Y/J)
25 Collaborators Copies Lettered on Arches (A/J - Y/J)
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