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"Nudes Suite"


Salvador Dali

This Suite contains 8 titles. Click on a thumbnail image for a larger image
"At the Beach (A La Plage)"

"Couple Nus"

"Nude Woman from the Back (Femme Nu de Dos)"

"Nude at the Window (Nu a la Fenetre)"

"Nude with Raised Arm (Nu du Bras Leve)"
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"Serenade (Le Nu a la Guitarre)"

"Sleeping Woman (Nu Endormi)"

"Young Woman Arising (Nu Au Sopha)"
Available Individually

Limited Edition
Lithograph on Paper
Year Produced
Edition Size
120 Numbered
in dark brown (1 - 120)
120 Numbered in light yellow-brown (1 - 120)
120 Numbered in light yellow-brown with pale green background (1 - 120)
120 Roman Numeraled (I - CXX)
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