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"Doubletake offers a glimpse into how an online gallery should look..." USA Today

"...the only time on the net I've actually SOLD art has been because of DtG......[collectors] tend to believe the values because of the association." David Michael Jackson, ArtCrawl Member

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Doubletake Gallery

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...Sell Your Own Artwork

Have you ever dreamed of
having your art work displayed
at the hottest gallery in town?

Now You Can!

If you're an artist interested in using the Internet to gain as much exposure as possible for your artwork, you owe it to yourself to check out this opportunity. Now you can have your work displayed on a high profile web site, and maintain the content yourself 24 hours a day, without having to pay a commission!

Why Doubletake?

The dilemma for independent artists is not in how to use the Internet to display their work. Anybody can build (or pay to have built) a web site. The problem is getting people to look at your artwork once it's on the Web. Yes, you can do things to drive “traffic” to your web site, but what sort of traffic. Are they really interested in art, or are they just part of some link exchange program that might send you someone who's about as interested in your artwork as you are in their used QTip collection.

The solution we've come up with is For one small annual fee, you can administer your own web site's content 24 hours a day, sell your artwork without having to give up any percentage of the sale, and get great exposure on two high traffic web sites.

The first web site your work will be displayed on is of course this one,, one of the most highly used consumer art gallery web sites on the Internet. On an average day, we'll see thousands of visitors from over 35 different countries! We get over 1,000,000 hits per month. By having your artwork displayed on, you'll be in front of people who are qualified art buyers.

The other web site is, which is designed for Gallery Owners, Art Dealers, Interior Designers, Publishers, and other industry professionals. Any one of them could take a liking to your style of work and begin selling it for you.

The way it works is fairly simple. is like a central administrative “hub”. You'll use the administrative forms on the member services page of to add, change or delete the artwork or information that you have online. Once you've saved the changes, your pages on and are automatically updated. You won't even need to learn HTML code.

There's quite a bit more that we can tell you about this program, but it might be easier for you to click directly through to the information page on that's already setup to explain it. Click Here to go directly to that page.

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