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"American Gold"


LeRoy Neiman

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Copyright © 1984 Leroy Neiman, Inc., All Rights Reserved.
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America's 1984 Gold Medalists
Edition #: 368/600
Neiman has created an imaginative vision of America's 1984 gold medalists. Juxtaposed against a panoply of vividly painted national flags and a sprawling Los Angeles at the bottom of the composition are America's own golden athletes in action-- leaping, diving, swimming, running, etc. Specifically depicted are: Greg Louganis- executing one of his graceful and award-winning dives. Steve Hegg- cycling for the Gold Tiffany Cohen-splashing her way to victory Edward Moses-coming off a hurdle as quick as mercury Mark Breland- furthering his knock-out career by doing his best Joan Benoit- a champion of endurance and tenacity Evelyn Ashford- courageously recovering from hamstring injuries and brilliantly maintaining her sprinting superiority Mitch Gaylord- soaring in the upper right part of the image Carl Lewis- star of the Olympics, seen completing his classic jump in the center of this image. Lewis truly measured up to his own and his country's expectations Mary Lou Retton- America's sweetheart and the darling of the games- displaying her explosive power and graceful movements.
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Limited Edition
Serigraph on Paper
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600 Numbered
100 AP
18 PP
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The athletes who are featured on this print include: Greg Louganis, Steve Hegg, Tiffany Cohen, Edward Moses, Mark Breland, Joan Benoit, Evelyn Ashford, Mitch Gaylord, Carl Lewis, Mary Lou Retton.

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