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Paolo Boni
Paolo Boni, La Fleche
Artist's Biography - Paolo Boni
Paolo Boni
( 1926 - )
A major twentieth century Italian artist, Paolo Boni studied art in Florence, Venice and Rome and is equally accomplished in the fields of painting, sculpture and original printmaking. Boni began exhibiting his abstract art shortly after the end of World War Two and since then his work in all media has been exhibited in Rome, Berlin, Paris, London, New York, Chicago and elsewhere. He has also received numerous world wide commissions, including many from American institutions.

Beginning in 1957, Boni received international recognition for a printmaking process which he developed and called, "Graphisculptures". Briefly, these were multi-leveled relief prints arduously constructed by cutting and shaping different metals and individually inking and printing each in relation to the other. This is clearly seen in Allegro where the layered relationships between form and shape dominate. Much like a sculpture, the end result is an image of three dimensional complexity and artistic substance.
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