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Wyland, Clownfish
Artist's Biography - Wyland
Dive in to the incomparable ocean world of Wyland, the most influential marine life artist of our time. With more than 78 monumental ocean murals throughout the world, Wyland's art has transported many into the sublime chambers of nature's underwater kingdom, all guided by the eyes of an authentic environmental visionary

This painter, sculptor, writer, underwater photographer and muralist is one of the most prolific and celebrated artists of our day. His mission is to inspire an entire generation to appreciate the beauty of our world's oceans featuring great whales, dolphins, manatees, orcas, sea turtles, sharks, colorful fish, living reefs and all life in the sea. Wyland captures it all with beauty and emotion.

As a marine life artist whose work has been hailed for its worldwide environmental implications by such world renown ocean scientists as Dr. Robert Ballard, Dr Sylvia A. Earl and Dr. Roger Payne, Wyland is bridging the marine world of science and art.

Today his art is found in museums, galleries, and public walls and in many public and private collections throughout the world. He is also founder of the Wyland Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the world's oceans.
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