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Yaacov Agam
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Artist's Biography - Yaacov Agam
Yaacov Agam
( May 11, 1928 - )
Few artists achieve universal recognition in their own lifetime. But then, few artists possess the prolific polyvalent talents of Yaacov Agam.

As the son of a rabbi, Agam's personality was indelibly imprinted with one of the most basic values of Jewish tradition...constant study, exploration and hard work dedicated to growth and excellence.

It was this heritage that drove Agam to master a multiplicity of artistic mediusm...painting, sculpture, kinetics and architecture. It was this heritage and drive that synthesized his unique aesthetic conception...that art is an everlasting becoming.

Talent such as Agam possesses does not take long to be recognized. At the age of 25, after only two years in Paris, he was one of the pioneers of "Le Mouvement", a milestone exhibit that gave the world a revolutionary form of kinetic art. From 1953 to the present, Agam's accomplishments are almost too numerous to mention. Here are but a few highlights of his spectacular career:

Agam has works in all the world's most important modern art museums...including the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, New York's Modern Art Museum, the Jewish Museum of New York and the Tel Aviv National Museum.

Commissioned work may be seen at the residence of the President of Israel, the Juillard School of Music (Lincoln Center) in New York City, the Elysee Palace in Paris (the residence of the President of France).
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